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About Us

About Us

The roles of security management systems and digital forensics in the enterprise are constantly evolving—but the people behind our platform are here to stay. Customer success is what we strive for, and this is especially true of our management team. Comprised of proven technology executives, information systems experts and dedicated professionals, they cultivate a strong culture and help our team succeed.

Our Executive Team

Gordon Benoit


Gordon is the founder and President of D3. Gordon’s 25-year track record centers around building great technology companies, leading them through rapid growth, and ensuring their long term success. In doing so, he has become a trusted partner and invaluable solutions provider to many of the world’s largest companies.

Min Lu

Vice-President, Software Development

Min is Vice-President and leader of the Software Development team at D3. For 15 years, Min has driven solution development and design for D3’s award-winning Incident Management Platform. Min and his team’s work is instrumental in securing and enabling some of the world’s most demanding IT environments.

Vahid Foroushani, Ph.D.


Chief Scientist and CISO

Dr. Foroushani is an incident response thought leader with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cyber Security. Prior to D3, he was a Level 4 analyst and leading researcher at IBM, where he directed advanced threat analysis and was the focal point for the Security Incident Management and Remediation practices.

Stan Engelbrecht,


Director of Cyber Security Practice

Stan is Director of the D3 Cyber Security Practice. Stan has advised the cybersecurity, security operations, networking and forensics groups at Fortune 500 companies in the IT, financial services and manufacturing industries. Stan has successfully implemented the NIST 800 standard at several of D3’s customers.

Vigneshwar Kanagavel,


Senior Cyber Security Analyst

Vignesh is Senior Cyber Security Analyst at D3. Prior to D3, Vignesh was an IT security analyst specializing in threat analysis and incident response for companies in the banking, security services, and telecommunications industries. Vignesh has considerable expertise in networking, integrated solutions, and SIEM.

 Jason Hou

Director of Product Development
Jason is responsible for executing the development of D3’s product roadmap. Responsible for driving agile development methods within a talented development team, Jason has worked on all D3’s developments, major upgrades and integration with leading cyber security solutions.
Pav security management systems expert

Pav Bawja

Director of Product Management

Pav is a software and business process expert whose background includes liaising with customers and designing and implementing software solutions, technical standards, integration, information security and compliance management that achieve complex organizational workflow requirements.

Fraser Retallack

 Director of Solutions Engineering

Fraser is an experienced product manager with extensive knowledge on D3 Security’s product, its architecture and the value delivered to users. Fraser has lead numerous security system engagement projects.

Pulkit Sahni, PMP

Director of Customer Success
Pulkit’s top priority throughout his career is ensuring the success of customers using software solutions. At D3, Pulkit leads the customer success team and plays an important role in delivering innovative solutions to leading organizations across virtually every industry.

Alex MacLachlan

Director of Marketing

Alex is an experienced marketing, brand development, and business development leader. Over the past 10 years, Alex has developed marketing strategies and tactics to companies with technology platforms in the compliance and cyber security industries

Greg Lewis

Director of Sales

Greg has a rich and varied business development background. His experience covers all stages of the sales cycle and positions Greg as a resourceful solutions advisor and leader with valuable insight at every stage of the customer journey.

A company with a proven track record

Since 2002, D3 Security has provided innovative security operation and incident management solutions. Implemented at 100+ of Fortune 500 companies and with 1,000+  customers, the D3 Customer Success team has the experience, expertise and vision needed to help establish and guide consistent and streamlined incident management practices.

Where is D3 Security used?

D3 Security software is used in virtually every major vertical, including highly regulated industries like financial services, energy, healthcare and manufacturing. International, global and enterprise-wide deployments ensure D3 Security supports incident response and security operations around the world.



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