ThreatWorx + D3 SOAR

D3’s integration with ThreatWorx shortens the detection and remediation cycle for everything from minor vulnerabilities to major zero-day threats. When companies receive vulnerability alerts, they don’t always have the resources to take action as fast as they need to. D3 ingests alerts from ThreatWorx and orchestrates response steps. So, when the next Log4j hits, you don’t need to panic.

Learn how D3’s integration with ThreatWorx can enable you to:

  • Ingest vulnerability alerts for automated remediation
  • Run nested playbooks for known CVEs
  • Auto-update vulnerability patches via AWS, Azure, or other integrated cloud or on-premise systems
  • Take action against vulnerabilities by blocking URLs, blocking IPs, quarantining hosts, and more, via D3’s 500 integrations.

Download Integration Guide