Why Smart SOAR Is the World’s Leading Independent SOAR Platform

SOC leaders have long embraced this fact: security is growing in complexity faster than they can keep up using manual processes. SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) emerged as a product category in cybersecurity to address this pain point. SOAR helps security operations teams automate and orchestrate their long, tedious incident response processes. These SOAR solutions also make analysts’ work easier and more streamlined.

D3 Security has worked in the incident response space even prior to the term SOAR being coined by Gartner (and the equivalent acronym SAO being coined by Forrester) in 2017. As an early mover in the security automation space, D3 Security has produced many SOAR innovations such as the Event Pipeline, no-code playbooks, and operationalizing MITRE ATT&CK. We are continually improving our platform by adding features and functionality to address new use cases and emerging threats.

D3 Security being vendor-neutral (sometimes referred to as ‘vendor-agnostic’, or simply ‘independent’) confers many benefits to enterprises and MSSPs that choose Smart SOAR. It prevents vendor lock-in, giving clients the freedom to choose their own security stack, now and in the future. As an independent SOAR vendor, D3 Security is laser-focused on just one thing – making the best SOAR platform possible. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the key SOAR capabilities that make our platform stand out from other SOAR vendors. So let’s get started!

Event Pipeline: Automatic Triage for All Security Alerts

Security operations teams are frequently forced to make tradeoffs. If their detection systems are set to be sensitive, they will receive a flood of false positives, duplicates, and low-fidelity alerts. That will force them to spend excessive time on triage and inquiry. However, if they reduce the sensitivity of their detections, they risk allowing major security incidents to pass through. The Event Pipeline solves this conundrum. All alerts are digested into one global playbook by D3’s Event Pipeline, which methodically normalizes, de-duplicates, and dismisses or escalates security warnings. The technology, which unlocks hyperautomation capabilities in your SOC, handles false positives and other noise, leaving only true threats for responders to address. Some of our customers have been able to dismiss and consolidate alerts by up to 98%.

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SOAR Playbooks That Set The Gold Standard

Smart SOAR playbooks enable a “hot-swappable” architecture that allows you to replace security technologies without interfering with daily operations. In terms of depth and breadth of features, Smart SOAR’s playbook capabilities are second to none. They enable SOC resources to create, edit, test, and publish playbooks in a matter of minutes, without any coding knowledge. Team leaders can leverage role-based access controls to set playbook editing and publication rights.
With out-of-the-box playbooks and unlimited integrations, SOC teams can deploy playbooks to manage use cases such as phishing, ransomware, vulnerability management, and more. Our playbook editor also supports hundreds of utility commands that let SOC teams automate enrichment activities, TTP and IOC searches, custom correlations, and remedial actions. That’s not all. You can also script your own custom utility commands.

Our playbooks impress in terms of execution time as well. By processing tasks in parallel, they lower playbook runtimes significantly. One of our customers, who switched from another SOAR tool to Smart SOAR, saw an 80% reduction in playbook execution time. Our playbook execution speed optimizations improve both your operational efficiency and cybersecurity posture.

Unlimited SOAR Integrations

Many SOAR platforms make lofty claims but only deliver flimsy integrations and limited response actions. For SOAR to function well, robust integrations are not optional. Our SOAR integrations are not community-built, in contrast to some of our competitors. The largest internal team in the industry works full-time to keep all our integrations current and useful. They can also quickly build out new and custom integrations with any vendor not on our technology partner list, if the need arises.

Operationalize the MITRE ATT&CK Framework

Smart SOAR enables security operations teams to validate alerts with MITRE ATT&CK TTPs and run response playbooks. And with our MITRE ATT&CK dashboard, you can see the most popular attack techniques in your environment.

Case Management That’s Capable of Tackling Insider Threats

D3’s incident reporting and case management capabilities make it simple for cross-functional teams to work together on a case. As a case’s scope expands and changes, analysts can submit notes, interviews, and other time-stamped artifacts to manage and document it.

Cyber incident management capabilities include integrated instant messaging and email, which enhances collaboration and accelerates incident response speeds. Role-based access is supported by a well-documented chain of custody, allowing analysts to work on insider threat situations without jeopardizing their ability to maintain confidentiality.

Track SOC Metrics With Dashboards & Tactical Analytics

Using D3 SOAR’s tactical reporting, you can provide stakeholders at all levels with the necessary visibility on SOC performance metrics and trends. You can also fully automate report generation based on a set schedule or one that is triggered by data. This lets your analysts concentrate on their work rather than wasting time creating reports.

Real Reviews From Our Customers

There has been a lot of positive feedback about our Smart SOAR platform lately on Gartner Peer Insights. Here are a few things our customers have said about us:

  • “Offers true flexibility without compromising on capability”
  • “Extremely intuitive to configure”
  • “Great product, integrations, and support”
  • “The no-code approach to integrations and the ease of setting up playbooks makes it stand out.”

Smart SOAR is trusted by some of the world’s largest organizations because it can scale up to handle massive alert volumes. Are you looking for a SOAR tool to automate and scale your operations? Join us at our next demo to know how we can help you maximize the efficiency of your analysts, improving their productivity without increasing headcount.

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