[Video] Trifork Security on How Smart SOAR Helps Streamline Operations

We’re thrilled to share this testimonial from the SOC leadership team at  Trifork Security. Headquartered in Denmark, Trifork Security offers managed and consulting services that help its customers prevent, detect, and respond to security threats. Like many other MSSPs, the firm has found great success in using Smart SOAR to ensure quality and consistency in their work, so we were of course stoked to record their insights into our SOAR platform.

Ensuring High Quality and Consistency

“D3 as a SOAR tool is crucial for us to ensure the right quality and to make sure we are following the same playbooks and procedures throughout our work. It’s a tool that we use to provide the best possible quality to our customers”, says Henrik Skovfoged, Business Unit Lead at Trifork Security.

Without SOAR, trying to figure out what happened during a security incident can be challenging. It can be tough to keep track of all the different steps you need to take to investigate and make sure they are being done in the correct order. SOAR playbooks make it easier to stay on track by using a checklist approach, which ensures that you do the investigation the same way every time.

Onboarding new customers is a breeze now for Trifork Security, thanks to Smart SOAR’s flexibility and vast library of integrations with leading tech and cybersecurity companies. “D3 [Smart SOAR] has made it much easier to onboard new customers because it’s so flexible and it’s possible to easily integrate new log sources,” says Skovfoged.

Multitenancy and Reusable Utility Commands

Smart SOAR’s multitenant architecture enables Trifork to easily manage all of its customers from one centralized location.

Karsten Thygesen, Chief Technology Officer at Trifork Security, states, “Multitenancy is very important for us. We have multiple customers, and we need to be able to handle them on the same platform, so we only have to integrate with a third-party vendor once, and we can utilize that [integration] across all our customers. D3 was the single vendor that had the most integrations to third-party systems, so in the long run, it will be much cheaper for us to use.”

D3’s technology integrations have enabled Trifork to focus on important decisions and handle security events more efficiently. “We can work much faster now. A lot of the work has been done in advance due to the integrations and automations, so the Tier 1 and Tier 2 people in our security operations center (SOC) only spend their time making key decisions on how to handle different security events,” says Karsten Thygesen. “Many of them can even be fully automated, so we don’t use human time on handling them.”

Trifork’s SOC manager, Jakob Bo Møller notes that Smart SOAR’s reusable utility commands have been instrumental in helping solve problems quickly and efficiently. He also highlights the promptness of D3’s support team. “Our most important integrations are probably with our customers. If we have any problems with them, we can always come to D3 and get fast support for solving any problem that might be present. They just solve a lot of our problems right out of the box, and by having the same playbook utility commands that we can reuse in different places, we save a lot of time.”

Scale Operations Without Additional Staff

Philip Lyngø, Manager of Security & Analytics at Trifork, notes the economies of scale enabled by D3’s codeless playbooks and built-in tech integrations. “In the past, we needed to do a lot of custom development and coding to set up these integrations, but today, with D3, we get most of this out-of-the-box,” He says. “And if it isn’t there, we can ask for it, and they get delivered to us, so we don’t need to develop and maintain all these integrations for hundreds of systems. This is a huge benefit for us.”

Thanks to Smart SOAR, Trifork has been able to scale its business without adding additional staff. “D3 is giving us a much better possibility for our business to grow. Even though we are rapidly growing, with the current staff that we have now, we’ll be able to scale up to a lot more customers without adding more staff,” says Lyngø. D3’s flexibility, ease of integration, and out-of-the-box solutions have allowed Trifork to streamline its operations, improve its work quality, and better serve its customers.

Improve Your Analyst-to-Customer Ratios and Work-Life Balance

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