Why Smart SOAR is the Best SOAR for Trend Vision One

Trend Vision One is a comprehensive cybersecurity platform that offers robust protection and threat intelligence capabilities. When integrated with D3 Security’s Smart SOAR (security orchestration, automation, and response), organizations can further enhance their security operations, streamline incident response workflows, and maximize their defense capabilities. In this blog, we will explore some powerful use cases for integrating Trend Vision One with Smart SOAR, focusing on automated alert management, endpoint isolation and restoration, and efficient email management.

Use Cases for Trend Vision One Integration in Smart SOAR

Automated Alert Management

Analysts can keep alerts up-to-date inside Trend Vision One using automations from Smart SOAR. The “Add Alert Note” command can be used after a playbook task retrieves valuable, contextual data that wasn’t included in the original alert. To keep information accurate and up-to-date, unnecessary or outdated notes can also be deleted with the “Delete Alert Notes” command. Finally, the “Edit Alert Status” command can be used to keep alerts synchronized between Smart SOAR and Trend Vision One.
Trend Micro Vision One Integration: Automated Alert Management workflow in Smart SOAR

Endpoint Isolation and Restoration

By utilizing the “Isolate Endpoint” command, compromised endpoints can be isolated either automatically or manually from within Smart SOAR when potential threats are detected, preventing the further spread of compromise. Once the endpoints have been thoroughly evaluated and deemed safe, the “Restore Endpoints” command can be utilized to restore their normal network access, ensuring minimal disruption to operations while maintaining a secure environment.
Trend Micro Vision One Integration: Endpoint Isolation and Restoration workflow in Smart SOAR

Email Management

For email based threats, security teams can utilize the “Quarantine Email Message” command to quarantine suspicious or malicious email messages, preventing them from reaching users’ inboxes and reducing the risk of successful phishing or malware attacks. To prevent false positives and ensure legitimate emails are delivered without delay, the “Remove From Blocklist” command is also available to remove incorrectly blocked emails.
Trend Micro Vision One Integration: Email Management workflow in Smart SOAR


The integration of Trend Vision One with D3 Security’s Smart SOAR empowers organizations to leverage the combined strength of advanced threat intelligence and comprehensive automation. By automating alert management, organizations can ensure the accuracy and timeliness of information, enabling security teams to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions swiftly. Endpoint isolation and restoration capabilities add an extra layer of defense, preventing the spread of compromise. Finally, the efficient management of email threats through quarantine and removal from blocklists reduces the risk of successful phishing and malware attacks.

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Pierre Noujeim

Pierre Noujeim is a Product Marketing Manager with a cyber security engineering background. Having implemented SOAR at enterprise organizations as well as for D3's MSSP partners, Pierre has rich and varied insight into integrations, use cases and the cyber security vendor landscape. A dedicated product marketer, Pierre represents D3 at analyst briefings, webinar workshops and industry conferences such as RSA and Black Hat.