Video: VerSprite on the Importance of Vendor-Agnostic SOAR

At D3 Security, we are truly passionate about our independent SOAR platform and believe it is the best solution for enterprises and MSSPs. But there’s no better way to validate our value than a customer testimonial. Meet VerSprite, a renowned cybersecurity threat management firm and service provider based in Atlanta, Georgia. They have a firsthand understanding of the effectiveness of our platform, and we’re grateful that they agreed to share their experiences on camera.

VerSprite offers services such as adversarial security, cyber threat intelligence, managed security services, GRC, and research as a service. In this video, the leadership team shares their experience with Smart SOAR, and how its integrations with common technology stacks make it the perfect choice for them. The firm boasts a highly accomplished team of cybersecurity professionals, most notably, CEO Tony UcedaVélez, who is the co-creator of Process for Attack Simulation and Threat Analysis (PASTA), a well-known risk-centric threat modeling methodology. PASTA takes the attacker’s perspective to identify potential threats and analyzes their potential methods and tactics to develop asset-centric strategies and protect the most important assets against potential attacks.

The decision to go with D3 Security was simple, says UcedaVélez. “It was really on the focus of ingenuity, the integrations with other platforms that were commonplace within our clients’ technology stack, and the commitment to improving the technology so that we could have greater automation, greater integration, and just greater decisioning that we need to do as security analysts for our customers.” SOAR is important for VerSprite because the firm wants to be able to scale in terms of people and technology. As the firm grows its service offerings and adds new customers, it deals with an exponential amount of data. “There aren’t enough humans to make sense of that information to make it actionable, whether you’re playing defense or simulated offense,” adds UcedaVélez.

Being able to ingest all that data into a single platform and provide a level of automation to its Level 1 and Level 2 analysts is extremely important for the firm. “D3 [Smart SOAR] gives us that ability to give them a place where they can understand the events in a single platform and then triage them as they go along,” says Evin Hernandez, Vice President of Product Management & Strategic Alliances at VerSprite.

A  vendor-agnostic approach to the tooling was an important factor for the MSSP when choosing Smart SOAR. “The truth is, we want to use D3 as much as we can to build up our operations, and to build out automation, that might just stay within the SOC, or just might also involve other practices. To do that, we needed to have the flexibility to… customize it, in a way that we wanted, as it was useful for us,” says Valentina Costa-Garzon, Director of Threat Intelligence at VerSprite. “If we were restricted to vendors, it would have been very complicated to grow and scale in a way that made sense for us.”

Why MSSPs and MDRs 😍 Smart SOAR

Check out our recently published case studies that highlight how we’ve helped MSSPs and MDRs achieve their ambitious goals. MSSPs love Smart SOAR not just because it’s vendor-agnostic, but because it has a multitenant architecture that allows for centralized management of multiple clients’ data while maintaining the privacy and security of each client’s data. Smart SOAR also has role-based access controls that allow for up to 10 security levels to be assigned to SOC resources, ensuring that only authorized personnel access sensitive information. Additionally, the platform has deep integrations with popular EDR, SIEM, and XDR tools. This enables MSSPs to aggregate security event data from all their clients’ endpoints.

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