Intellecutal Property Management Software

Remediate Incidents Faster with the Right Tools and Tactics

Investigate IP Threats with All of the Tools and Tactics You Need in One Platform

D3 Security’s IP threat management and investigation software provides a converged solution that can capture incidents from cyber, corporate, and physical security sources, and create cohesive investigation files with native workflow processes, knowledgebase correlations, pattern and relationship analysis. A full featured digital forensics case management module ensures that even technical or eDiscovery specialists can contribute to the case, without needing to export data or go outside the organization.

Track and Investigate IP Theats Across Multiple Domains

Streamline cyber incident management

Respond to and investigate cyber threats that target IP using SIEM integration, streamlined correlations and IR playbooks designed to reduce the risk of IP theft.


An investigative workflow solution

D3’s case management system for digital forensics provides a total workflow solution that manages tasks, priorities and evidence of IP investigations.


Corporate and physical security threats

Track and investigate threats to intellectual property including malicious insiders, facility/system access, supplier fraud and physical security incidents.


Leverage external data to safeguard IP

D3 intakes data from any source—including threat intelligence, law enforcement, and industry sources—so you can enrich correlations and investigations.


How You Benefit From Our Software

incident response software

Contain incidents before IP is lost

D3 provides organizations with IR playbooks that speed containment of phishing and spear phishing, malware, network intrusions, and other targeted attacks that, if successful, can lead criminals to networks and the “crown jewels”—whether schematics, recipes or business processes.

Find the smoking gun with digital forensics

State sponsored, criminal and malicious insider adversaries all leave digital evidence. For organizations who need to investigate IP crimes, D3’s purpose-built digital forensics case management system integrates with forensics tools, organizes case assignments and due dates, and provides extensive evidence handling features including evidence logs, chain-of-custody tracking, and data processing reports.

incident management software
security incident management software

Manage the threat of malicious insiders

Integration with SIEM and UEBA platforms allows security operation teams to quickly escalate anomalous internal network behavior into D3’s incident response hub for validation, triage and response. Here, analysts can correlate and prioritize the event, send alerts, or trigger workflows that can prompt ITSM ticketing systems to prescribe IT team activity.

Benefit from law enforcement collaboration

D3 helps organizations fully realize the intelligence gathering and collaborative benefits of law enforcement relationships. D3’s standardized procedural workflow ensures that an organization’s incident, evidence and forensics activity can be leveraged in successful investigations and prosecutions involving the FBI, DOJ and National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

Powerful Features for Managers and Executives

  • Centralized case data enables easy information sharing
  • Restrict access to information using extensive role privileges
  • Manage dates and milestones; generate exception alerts
  • Schedule automatic updates and transparency reports
  • Track and report expenses, labor and tool usage
  • Analyze and compare caseloads and team member performance
  • Ensure compliance with procedures and regulations
  • Make sure resources are deployed with maximum efficiency