Ransomware Report 2017 — Cybersecurity Insiders

Ransomware Report 2017 — Cybersecurity Insiders

Most Organizations are Not Prepared to Protect Themselves Against Ransomware

It has been indisputable in recent years that ransomware is increasingly dangerous, and that most organizations are not prepared to protect themselves against it. The 2017 Ransomware Report uses the firsthand testimony of over 500 cybersecurity professionals to paint a picture of how ransomware is viewed by those on the front lines, how attacks are happening, and what organizations are doing (and not doing) to defend their data.

This report is a valuable resource that will help readers go beyond the stories of ransomware in the news, and dig into the real numbers around this constantly growing cybersecurity threat.

The study was conducted by Crowd Research Partners, and commissioned by Cybersecurity Insiders, in partnership with D3 Security and other sponsors.

Download the Report to Learn:

  • Why cybersecurity professionals consider ransomware the fastest growing security threat.
  • The obstacles that are preventing organizations from preparing for ransomware attacks.
  • The potential adverse outcomes of ransomware attacks, including unexpected impacts on both business and IT security concerns.

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