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How a Multi-Billion Dollar Manufacturer Unified its Security Stack with D3 Smart SOAR

This global pharmaceutical manufacturer had a mature cybersecurity program, but with some substantial gaps regarding incident response. They had no way to centrally track incidents, produce metrics, or securely collaborate on investigations. In order to share incidents, team members had to copy and paste information into documents and send them as email attachments. To further their capabilities, the manufacturer scoped out their ideal incident-handling process, which necessitated a system that could sit at the heart of their infrastructure, automating and orchestrating across their SIEM, IT ticketing, firewall, and intrusion detection systems. Download this Case Study to Learn:

  • Why D3’s ability to include complex use-cases like lost device investigations was key to the evaluation process
  • How D3 automated threat intelligence lookups to bring down MTTR by 90%
  • How D3 enabled collaboration and visibility across teams and departments
  • The complex integrations that made D3 the platform that could realize the manufacturer’s vision for incident-handling

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