GDPR Compliance Report

GDPR Compliance Report

Cybersecurity Insiders 2018 GDPR Compliance Report

The General Data Protection Regulation—effective as of May 25, 2018—is one of the most significant changes to data privacy compliance in recent years. Its broad scope will impact organizations in the EU and beyond. There has been a lengthy lead-up period to GDPR taking effect, and throughout this time there has been a great deal of speculation and guidance regarding what steps organizations will need to take, and the massive potential consequences for non-compliance (fines of up to 20 million Euros). One repeated message is that organizations are simply not ready for GDPR.

A new report, sponsored by D3 Security and produced by Cybersecurity Insiders, confirms that this claim is indeed true. The report compiles survey responses from over 500 cybersecurity, compliance, and IT professionals to understand how GDPR is being approached by those on the front lines, and where organizations are succeeding or falling short in their compliance plans.


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  • The obstacles that are preventing GDPR preparedness
  • How GDPR is expected to impact security practices, systems, and budgets
  • The provisions of GDPR that are expected to have the greatest impact

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