Security Orchestration

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Datadog Integration

D3 SOAR now has a certified integration with Datadog APM to help organizations coordinate security operations across cloud environments and applications.

Marshal All of Your Resources

Strengthen your resilience by mobilizing your people, processes, and technology in the fight against cyberattacks. D3 orchestrates intelligence gathering and task execution across all of your resources, ensuring efficient security operations.


Strike the Perfect Balance

Security teams must balance the need for speed against the benefits of human oversight. D3 helps incident responders strike the right balance by allowing them to inject human contributions—such as approvals or unique expertise—into automated workflows.

Design Playbooks Using a Visual Canvas

SOC managers need to be able to quickly build playbooks for new or evolving threats. D3’s visual canvas is a drag-and-drop workflow builder that allows users to intuitively assemble playbooks with executable actions from 200+ security tools.



D3 has built the entire MITRE ATT&CK matrix into its platform to create ATTACKBOT, a powerful tool that works in tandem with D3’s orchestration capabilities to detect and disrupt advanced attacks. When D3 detects one of the hundreds of attack techniques catalogued by MITRE, it treats it as a link in a possible “kill chain”—the steps an adversary might take to reach their goal. Then ATTACKBOT orchestrates queries across all integrated systems, such as firewalls, SIEM, and endpoints, to uncover traces of other links in the kill chain. As more elements of the attack are found, ATTACKBOT can orchestrate response playbooks to address the attack, or place targeted IOCs under persistent Kill Chain Surveillance to gather more information.

400+ Integrated Apps and Actions

D3 can orchestrate processes across your entire security infrastructure, via more than 400 integrated apps and actions. D3’s feature-rich integrations with SIEM, firewall, endpoint, and other systems make it the heart of the SOC. Analysts can do virtually all of their tasks without switching screens. D3 doesn’t rely on users’ scripting abilities or community-built integrations either. All integrations are pre-built, so you can simply drop them into your playbooks.

Visual Playbook Editor

D3’s deep library of out-of-the-box playbooks makes orchestrating both human and machine processes an efficient and repeatable process. D3’s playbooks are fully customizable to an organization’s unique needs, via the Visual Playbook Editor. Automated steps can be added simply by dragging and dropping the action into the playbook, and D3’s prebuilt integrations handle the rest. Orchestration isn’t just about software, so the Visual Playbook Editor makes it easy to guide the actions across a team of analysts as well, ensuring consistent workflows and minimizing the risk of human error.

Enrich Alerts with Contextual Data

When an alert is ingested, D3 parses all the important elements—such as URLs, IP addresses, file hashes, and user IDs—and checks them against threat intelligence databases, past incidents, and other data sources. By the time an analyst views the alert, it is fully contextualized and given a risk score, based on any known malicious elements in the event. Because D3 integrates across the entire security stack, its contextual data doesn’t just include third-party threat intelligence, it also correlates across all of your security tools and databases.

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Deep-Dive SOAR Demo

Do you want to see D3 in action? Join us for a 25-minute deep-dive demo and see how our award-winning Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform helps security teams accelerate incident response, scale processes, and learn from every incident.