Early Warning of Patterns, Trends, and Threats

Enable Early Warning of Patterns, Trends and Threats That Could Otherwise Become Significant Enterprise Risks and Damage Stakeholder Trust

For organizations that lack visibility into patterns, trends and threats, D3’s incident management platform enables an early warning system where users can monitor, research and visualize any security risk—be it cyber, physical, financial, IP or reputational. The system also provides the intelligence needed to act proactively, by consolidating information from multiple sources, predicting risk based on shared indicators, and ensuring response to preventable threats that could otherwise become significant enterprise risks and damage trust with key stakeholders.

Address These Challenges

Individual Incidents

Ensure complete visibility of every incident—the who, what, when, where, how and why


Connect the dots between threats, incidents, timelines, persons and entities involved

Redundancy and Overlap

Stop wasting time and resources on unclear responsibilities, redundant procedures and overlapping systems


Drive accountability by tracking assignments, automating risk thresholds, and auditing processes

Enterprise Risk and Trust

Ensure the right tools and tactics are in place to proactively mitigate enterprise risk and safeguard trust with key stakeholders

How You Benefit From Our Software

Intake, validate and act upon global reports

D3’s fully configurable eAlert web portal allow stakeholders to submit reports into its secure validation environment. D3 can also intake data from GRC and hotline systems.

See the trees, the forest and the roots

Significant enterprise risk occurs when organizations fail to see the full picture of incidents. That’s why D3 provides full visibility of incidents, their relationships, timelines and root causes.

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Protect the “location” of risk before an incident

Once the root cause of an incident has been determined, D3 can quickly identify other sites or entities where the root cause is present by cross-referencing the relevant risk indicators and generating a list.

Escalate higher and higher, until action is taken

Too often, preventable threats grow into risk and damaged trust. D3’s built-in risk threshold feature prevents this by escalating reports of recurring incidents up the chain of command until the root cause, and corrective action, have been applied.

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Trend reporting and pattern visualization

Comprehensive trend reporting and a link analysis visualization module have been built into D3 to help users—whether investigators, analysts or team leaders—uncover patterns and trends across security and task management data.