What You'll Learn

Complete the form to book an automation strategy call + web demo of D3 Security’s next-generation SOAR platform. Our SOAR experts will show you how easy it is to use next-generation SOAR for minimizing manual tasks, optimizing analyst work, and automating incident response.

  • Turn Alerts Into Action
    Connect your tools and let D3 ingest, normalize, deduplicate and enrich security alerts from across your tech stack. Then, close the loop with cross-platform, cross-team orchestration that disrupts even the most sophisticated attacks.
  • Optimize Analyst Work
    Attract, retain and engage security analysts, engineers and architects by keeping them focused on real threats. Let D3 handle false positives, playbooks and integrations, so your security team stays in the fight.
  • Get Next-Generation Capabilities
    Destroy KPIs by achieving higher-value capabilities like proactive threat hunting, automated IR, and surgical, cross-platform remediation. Leverage these operational improvements to drive serious business benefits.

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One platform to stop alert overwhelm. Transform how your security team works, by focusing its resources on real threats.