Collapse silos with real-time physical security awareness and response

The D3 Security platform integrates physical security sensor feeds with a powerful orchestration solution for data-driven incident and case management, security response, and advanced analytics and dashboards.

Disrupt threats with a 360-degree physical security solution

Prevent unnecessary security, safety, reputation and economic losses by eliminating physical security infrastructure silos and integrating monitoring and response capabilities.

Integration & Convergence
Use D3 to integrate access control, video surveillance, intrusion, visitor management, mass notification, and IoT systems.
Incident Case Management
Manage human- or system-created incident reports and cases, with files, data, intel or footage from diverse sources.
Advanced Analytics
D3’s data-friendly architecture enables not only greater automation, but greater analytics, dashboards and trend reporting.
Security Response
Assign and track responders and coverage using D3’s virtual console or use automated workflows for better-than-human task management.

A Solution to Meet the Expanding Physical Security Mandate

With powerful incident management and convergence features, D3 brings together disparate elements of the physical security infrastructure, enabling organizations to prevent and disrupt the full spectrum of internal, external and active security and safety threats.

Choose When and How to Meet Your Business’ Needs

Open interfaces, codeless workflow-building, and a data-friendly architecture puts customers in the driver’s seat when it comes to when and how they integrate their security infrastructure and operations. The ultimate future-proofed solution, D3 provides the flexibility and configurability customers need to field new integrations and workflows, and respond to new threats and business requirements, without needing software engineers or consultants.

Integrate Physical Security Sensor Data With Incident Reports

Attaching sensor data to incident reports provides responders and investigators with a consolidated view of an incident, reducing investigation times and resources required. Aggregating and analyzing sensor data within D3 also enables reporting with greater contextual awareness of an event’s timeline.

Seamless Inclusion of Identity and Smart Card Data

D3 makes it easy to centralize identity governance and access control for buildings and rooms, as well as digital assets like sensitive PCs, when there is a mix of credential formats and systems. Access attempts can automatically trigger an integrated response, including incident reporting, dispatch assignment, and surveillance of the area.

Comprehensive Incident Reporting & Case Management

D3’s incident and case management capabilities are world-class, giving large enterprises or targeted organizations an effective solution for managing risk and security across multiple campuses, sites and departments. The system also works to consolidate security data and workflows in multi-vendor environments.

Implement Corporate Physical Security Standards and S.O.P.s

Integration of physical security systems and the building of incident workflows allow customers to set and implement corporate security standards. Standard operating procedures, or SOPs, can be enforced by D3 through intelligent workflows and stakeholder notifications, as well as reports for non-compliance or missed KPIs.

Get Started with D3 Security

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