Managed Detection and Response (MDR) SOAR Solutions

Security Automation and Orchestration for MDRs

Automate your detection and response workflows with XGEN SOAR to create efficiency that scales. XGEN SOAR easily integrates into any security stack, whether it’s an MDR’s or their clients’, for high-fidelity alert aggregation, incident response, and threat hunting.


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Scale and Optimize Your Services

MDRs can scale up their client base and service offerings without additional resources when they leverage XGEN SOAR’s Tier 1-4 automation and orchestration.

Drive Detection and Response

Do more for your clients by ingesting alerts from the entire security stack and enabling comprehensive incident response.

Automate Full Remediation

Leverage automated response to attacks against endpoints, cloud, IOT and more, with little-to-no analyst intervention.

Systemize Threat Hunting

Scale and codify threat hunting services for clients with automated playbooks, built-in reporting, and integrated threat intelligence.

Simplify Workflows

Operate through a single, integrated platform, no matter what tools your clients use. All security data and workflows can be aggregated in XGEN SOAR.

Eliminate Wasted Time

XGEN SOAR’s low-code integrations and guided setup enable MDRs to onboard new clients much faster, drastically reducing the time to revenue.

Enable a Single End-to-End SOAR Platform

By leveraging a single platform for security automation, response, threat hunting, reporting, and more, MDRs get a streamlined experience and full end-to-end visibility.

Eliminate Cloud Security Blindspots

Small-and-medium-sized businesses in particular rely on MDRs to help secure their cloud environments. With integrations with O365, CASB, many AWS and Azure services, and much more, XGEN SOAR is able to support MDRs in bolstering their cloud threat detection and response capabilities.

Enable Uncovering of Stealthy Cyber Attacks

Surface early traces of the big attacks your clients are most worried about and defeat them by automating and orchestrating incident response across SOC tiers and security domains.

Eliminate Workflow Silos

Managing toolsets for many different clients can create unwieldy workflows for MDRs. By using XGEN SOAR as centralized hub for detection and prevention tools, you can eliminate the silos that hinder fast response and accurate reporting.

Enable High-Value Services

Open new revenue streams by providing advanced services to your clients, such as automated threat hunting and MITRE ATT&CK correlation. Track down IOCs and TTPs across a client’s environment, use observed ATT&CK techniques to drive decisions, and orchestrate threat hunting through low-code playbooks—all from one integrated platform.