What You'll Learn

Enhance your SecOps capabilities with the fusion of BrightCloud Threat Intelligence and D3’s Smart SOAR platform. This webinar provides deep insights into the integration that enables enriched data analysis, alert prioritization, and rapid incident response. Join us to see how:

  • D3’s Smart SOAR platform stands out with its two-tier structure, allowing separate automation for alert handling and incident investigation.
  • The Event Pipeline simplifies data management and facilitates efficient escalation into incidents.
  • Smart SOAR playbooks enable data enrichment and remediation, utilizing BrightCloud’s API to access valuable insights for proactive response actions.
  • MSSPs can dynamically generate incident reports with personalized branding.

Meet Our Panel

Pierre Noujeim

Product Marketing Manager, D3 Security

Valerie Wrenholt

Director of OEM Partner Enablement, BrightCloud

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