What You'll Learn

Turn the tide against digital fraud and brand abuse with a masterclass in fortification from D3 Security and iZOOlogic. Learn how the experts are disrupting brand impersonation and fraud at scale using the seamless integration of iZOOlogic with D3 Smart SOAR. Together, they unlock unparalleled security measures that are crucial for safeguarding your brand in the digital age. Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How to manage full-scale takedown operations using Smart SOAR and iZOOlogic.
  • Insights on protecting against unauthorized brand usage and maintaining your reputation.
  • How D3’s round-the-clock monitoring combined with iZOOlogic’s instant threat removal reduces the threat window to mere hours.
  • Real takedown stories and strategies for dealing with non-compliant entities worldwide.

Meet Our Panel

Benny Epand


Pierre Noujeim

D3 Security

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