What You'll Learn

Business Email Compromise (BEC) phishing is a dangerous and highly prevalent form of social engineering. It’s challenging to detect with traditional endpoint protection tools, which is why organizations must have a holistic plan to detect anomalous behavior suggesting a BEC attack and remediate across different systems. Smart SOAR’s integrations across hundreds of tools help you analyze and orchestrate lightning-fast actions to disrupt attacks and minimize damage. In this whitepaper, we provide three examples of Smart SOAR playbooks that help security teams combat BEC:

  • Using an all-Microsoft stack (Microsoft Sentinel, Entra ID, O365, Intune, Defender for Endpoint, 365 Defender) to investigate a suspicious email.
  • Investigating traces of a larger attack campaign with Zscaler, Okta, Microsoft Office 365, and Microsoft Defender for Endpoint.
  • Assessing compromised systems resulting from a successful attack using CrowdStrike Falcon Insight EDR, Fortinet FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall, and Microsoft Entra ID.

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