What You'll Learn

In this essential webinar, we delve into the complex world of modern cybersecurity, uncovering the necessity of open and agnostic security solutions. Our panel of seasoned professionals discuss a multitude of aspects, including the importance of continuous training, the value of real-world experience over certifications, and the crucial role of adaptability in threat response. Watch the recording of this panel discussion to:

  • Learn about the importance and benefits of open and agnostic security platforms, and how to measure their effectiveness through practical metrics.
  • Explore how to effectively integrate these solutions into your existing security infrastructure with the right processes and procedures.
  • Assess the maturity level of your incident response and understand how threat intelligence dynamically influences security playbooks.

Meet Our Panel

Tony UV

CEO, VerSprite

David Barton

CTO, High Wire Networks

Kevin Wilson

Senior Product Manager, Stellar Cyber

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