MITRE ATT&CK For Dummies

MITRE ATT&CK For Dummies

The MITRE ATT&CK Matrix for Enterprise is the world’s largest database of cyber adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures. In fact, it’s so comprehensive that it can be hard to know how to start using it in your security operations. In this book, you’ll discover exactly what MITRE ATT&CK is and how to get value from it by modeling threats, assessing your security coverage, creating detection analytics, and much more.

Download This E-Book to Learn:

  • Where ATT&CK came from and what makes it different from other security frameworks
  • How to map the most relevant threats in your industry to ATT&CK
  • How to develop detections and mitigations for adversary techniques
  • How to translate SOAR data into ATT&CK TTPs
  • And much more
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