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How an International Bank Anchored its Cybersecurity and Compliance with D3 Smart SOAR

After a significant cybersecurity incident, this multinational bank reviewed its security operations and risk management procedures. The bank had a lot of silos, which made it difficult to get a clear overview of the threats against the bank‘s environments, the effectiveness of security controls, the performance of security operations, and the status of incidents.

It concluded that in order to meet the stringent case management and reporting requirements set forth by the audit and compliance standards of the financial services industry, it was necessary to coordinate incident responses more effectively and conduct threat investigations more quickly. The bank determined that a security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) platform would need to be at the core of the project. Download this Case Study to Learn:

  • Why the bank chose D3 Smart SOAR after a competitive POC process
  • How D3’s ability to support numerous integrations and internal departments helped the bank realize its goals
  • The impact of Smart SOAR on the bank’s phishing and data breach response processes
  • How D3’s full-lifecycle functionality enabled the bank to break down internal information silos

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