What You'll Learn

SecOps teams around the globe rely on Elastic to detect, contain and respond to threats. In addition, many of these same teams use D3 Security’s SOAR solution, allowing them to rapidly orchestrate incident response, automate additional queries, and enrich triggered alerts. Watch the recorded webinar to learn how security teams at leading enterprises and MSSPs make use of Elastic’s native integration with D3 Security, including:

  • Triggering automated playbooks from detections in Elastic
  • Enriching triggered alerts with threat intelligence and ATT&CK TTPs
  • Leveraging D3 to automate traditional Tier 1 busy work
  • Performing automation-powered incident response and hunts

Meet Our Panel

Stan Engelbrecht

Stan Engelbrecht, Director of Cybersecurity Practice, D3 Security

James Spiteri

Product Marketing Director, Elastic

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