What You'll Learn

Managing alerts and events from multiple security tools can be a daunting task for incident response teams. It is essential to ensure the accuracy and priority of each alert to respond effectively. In this regard, device compliance policies play a crucial role. With Smart SOAR’s integration with InTune, incident response teams can now query InTune’s database during the initial ingestion phase. This capability allows them to prioritize alerts and determine the appropriate level of response needed. This on-demand webinar showcases our unique solution to the challenge of incident response management. Its coverage includes some key topics such as:

  • How D3’s Event Pipeline is designed to help bring in contextual information from all your security tools and use it in the investigation process. 
  • How InTune works in D3’s event playbook and incident playbook, and how it can help identify false positives and escalate alerts. 
  • Leveraging InTune’s unique security policies to improve the incident response process by helping prioritize alerts and determine the level of response needed.

Meet Our Panel

Dave Randall

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Pierre Noujeim

Product Marketing Manager, D3 Security

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