Incident response automation for the next generation of cyber threats

With Smart SOAR, security teams and incident responders get the SOAR solution they need to validate threats, disrupt the kill chain and dramatically reduce MTTR.

Incident Response Playbooks
Get the right processes in place with turnkey playbooks based on the NIST and SANS incident-handling methodologies. Build or select other customized playbooks for every incident type.
Consolidate Linked Events into Incidents
Smart SOAR handles enrichment, correlation and triage, grouping related events and alarms into consolidated incident records for easy validation and response, with zero context-switching.
Seamlessly Integrate Solutions
Smart SOAR connects with and infuses automation across your security infrastructure, creating a single platform for threat investigation and incident remediation.

Automation for tier-1 work

Smart SOAR automates up to 90% of tier-1 analyst work by consolidating events from multiple sources in one place, with automated enrichment, contextualization and correlation. The time and resource savings enables a greater focus on real threats and fine-tuning of detection and response logic.

Automation for tier-2 work

Smart SOAR provides incident responders with full incident profiles comprising linked events, IOCs and context, painting a full picture of the threat. Rapid searches are carried out across a fully integrated toolset, and remedial actions can be triggered via fully automated playbooks or by prompting a single-click analyst approval.

Human analysis and decision-making

Smart SOAR users can run actions using the command line or codeless playbook interface; remedial actions within playbooks, such as telling a firewall to block an IP, can be setup to run automatically based on conditions, or by offering the user a single-click prompt. Analysts can also search, filter and drill down on events to identify potential threats and prioritize action.

Your entire case in one place

Smart SOAR is a security operations platform with extensive incident response case management capabilities, including case investigator dashboards, secure collaboration, evidence tracking, and highly configurable information access controls. Many customers use Smart SOAR to support fraud, forensics or insider threat investigations. Comprehensive audit features are included.

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