Smart SOAR Integration

D3's integration with Microsoft Intune delivers valuable device visibility, fortified endpoint security, and insightful data analytics to optimize IT efficiency and enhance user experiences in hybrid work environments.

Integration Features

Prioritize alerts with Smart SOAR's event playbook
Query Intune for additional information on the device
Enrich alerts with OSINT and Threat Intelligence feeds
Orchestrate response actions and generate automated incident reports

Key Benefits


Accurate Investigations

Smart SOAR playbooks run the same standardized process for each alert, ensuring that data included in Intune will always be taken into account when investigating an alert.

Time-Efficient Triage

Accelerate your response times. Reduce alert triaging time by up to 15-20 minutes, eliminating repetitive data collection and analysis tasks from your day-to-day operations.

Meet Our Friends

Our Connected SOAR Security Alliance brings hundreds of vendors together, allowing customers to benefit from our deep industry relationships and fully vendor-agnostic, independent SOAR platform.

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