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From Oracle to Pinterest,
Leading Tech Companies Choose D3 Security

Incident Management that Keeps Up with Silicon Valley


The pace of innovation brings with it intense growth, new projects, and valuable data—as well as sophisticated internal and external threats. SOCs in technology and software companies require orchestration, incident response, and investigation solutions that can adapt, scale, and enable constant transformation, while protecting sensitive data and systems.

Manage Threats 

  • APT Groups

  • Disruptive Attacks

  • Cyber Criminals

Overcome Challenges

  • Resource/Skill Shortage

  • IP Threat Management

  • Privacy Breach Response

Stop Malware Attacks

  • Gh0stRAT

  • Taidoor

  • Conflicker


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Enable secure digital transformation

Software and tech companies select D3 for its scalability and because our flexible D3 Core can quickly produce structured data and the incident management workflow needed to manage threats inherent in new business models and technologies.

Identify patterns, trends and organizational risk

Risk comes in many forms and often goes undetected—or not acted upon—until too late. With D3, organizations can track entities across cybersecurity incidents, intake reports of cyber, physical, reputational, financial and IP risk, and use built-in trend, relationship, and root cause analysis toolsets to identify patterns and apply corrective action.

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Protect against user data breaches

Cyber criminals are constantly targeting technology companies to steal their valuable user data. D3’s orchestration and automation help companies immediately identify, understand, and shut down potential data breaches before they can do real damage.

Accelerate response without adding staff

Whether you’re a lean start-up or a global tech giant, finding qualified cybersecurity professionals is difficult and expensive. With D3’s orchestration and automation, time-consuming tasks are eliminated, and every step is guided by custom playbooks, so that you can get more out of every employee, regardless of their experience level.

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AMD Chooses D3 for Incident Reporting

“AMD has a lot of customization in its deployment and we are constantly improving performance and tweaking our remediation processes. The D3 system enables us to achieve our goals—whether using methods of our own, or by using alternate methods based on the advice of D3’s experts.”


Paul Parent

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)