Media & Entertainment

From Comcast to Viacom, Media and Entertainment Rely on D3 Security

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Media and entertainment are among the most targeted industries, due to their valuable content assets and heavy influence on public perception.

D3’s SOAR solution provides a centralized system for SOC response operations that can integrate with enrichment sources, enable faster response through machine automation, and better leverage existing tools. D3’s automation-powered incident response playbooks and investigations hub for case management provides a single pane of glass for security actions and reporting.

Align Security and Governance through Orchestration

D3’s orchestration enables all departments to proactively align their security controls with policies and governing regulations, guiding the entire team under cohesive workflows and standardized intelligence.


Rapid Response to Incidents Detected on your Sensor Network

D3’s automation allows teams to free up time spent on mundane tasks and focus their efforts on priority alerts that require analyst interpretation, investigation, and corrective analysis—supporting successful response to all priority events.

Reliable and Scalable Security Operations

D3 helps teams expand their collective knowledge and get the most out of their limited time and resources by consolidating investigations and response operations on a foundation of automated intelligence gathering and integrated security tools.


Why D3 for Media and Entertainment?

Full-Lifecycle Incident Response

D3 is the only platform that covers the full incident lifecycle, with robust SOAR and case management.

Intellectual Property Protection

Detect and shut down data breaches in order to protect valuable IP and reduce piracy.

Digital Forensics

D3 gives investigators a digital forensics case management system with evidence tracking, analysis, and reporting modules.

Phishing/BEC Playbooks

Many attacks still begin with compromising emails. D3 provides incident-specific playbooks to shut down attacks before they start.

200+ Integrations

D3 can unify even the most complex SOC, via integrations with more than 200 security tools.

Defend Public-Facing Assets

Protect highly public assets like corporate websites against DDoS, defacement, and hacking by sophisticated attackers.

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Deep-Dive SOAR Demo

Do you want to see D3 in action? Join us for a 25-minute deep-dive demo and see how our award-winning Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform helps security teams accelerate incident response, scale processes, and learn from every incident.