Webinar: Forrester and D3 Debate the Future of SOAR

We have an upcoming webinar on February 16th that anyone with an interest in cybersecurity is not going to want to miss. You may have seen the news earlier this month that Google acquired SOAR vendor Siemplify. This prompted Forrester’s Allie Mellen—a prominent security expert—to write an article with the provocative headline, “Google Acquisition of Siemplify is a Knockout Punch for Standalone SOAR.” Now, Allie’s article is more nuanced than the headline makes it sound, but we still wanted to challenge her on her thesis.

That’s why we set up this webinar to be a debate about the place of independent SOAR vendors in the future of security. Allie Mellen will be joining us to elaborate on her article and D3 President and Founder Gordon Benoit will be representing our belief that most companies will benefit from having an independent SOAR vendor. Gordon has been leading D3 since long before the term SOAR was even coined, so we’re certain that both perspectives will be well-represented by these security thought leaders.

You can register for the webinar here. It’s happening on February 16th at 11:30 PST/2:30 EST.


Which is Better for Customers: Independent or Suite-Based SOAR?

The debate comes down to suite-based vs. independent SOAR. There are other terms that people use for both, but they can broadly defined like this. Suite-based is SOAR that is either rolled into a larger security tool like a SIEM (as is expected to happen with Siemplify and Google Chronicle) or is offered as a separate tool, but is part of a larger suite of products—think FortiSOAR or Palo Alto Networks Cortex XSOAR.

A SOAR tool is independent if it is made by a company without ties to a larger suite of products. Independent SOAR can be purchased on its own and expected to be compatible with any stack.

The last few years has seen the acquisitions of many SOAR vendors, including Siemplify, Phantom, DFLabs, Demisto, and Cybersponse, greatly reducing buyers’ options for independent SOAR.

D3 of course is one of those stubbornly independent SOAR vendors. We believe that SOAR requires vendor-agnostic integrations and partnerships for optimal functionality. Suite-based SOAR might still offer integrations with their competitors’ products, but are unlikely to work closely with them to build, update, and maintain the feature-rich integrations that SOAR operators need.


Register for our Webinar with Forrester’s Allie Mellen

This webinar is going to be a fascinating debate with a lot of valuable insights for security pros. In addition to hearing two security experts present their vision of the future of security, you’ll also learn about the major trends affecting enterprise, MSSP, and MDR SOCs, and get actionable tips for how to use automation to reduce burnout and accelerate incident response.

Once again, the webinar is happening on February 16th at 11:30 PST/2:30 EST, and you can register for the live or on-demand version here.

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