See D3’s Award-Winning Technology at the SINET Showcase

Named one of the world’s most innovative cyber security companies by the Security Innovation Network (SINET), D3 President and Founder Gordon Benoit was invited to speak about D3’s security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technology at the SINET Innovation Showcase at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on November 8th, 2018.

In this video from the event, learn how D3’s advanced incident response playbooks combine orchestration and automation with robust investigative capabilities, effectively controlling the entire incident response lifecycle and drastically reducing the amount of time and human resources needed to remediate. Notably, Mr. Benoit also covers a real-world use-case from an enterprise client’s SOC; with emphasis on how such incredible security and business outcomes can be generated by just a single workflow automation.

To learn more about D3 Security’s recognition by the SINET Innovator awards and its steering committee of over 100 cyber security experts from enterprise, government and academia, you can also read our blog post.

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Alex MacLachlan

Alex is the Director of Marketing at D3. He oversees D3's marketing, communications, and digital programs. He enjoys fishing, "checking the analytics", playing golf and watching hockey - in that order.