RFID Guard Tour System Now Available

Equipped with D3 Mobile, security officers can scan RFID badges at checkpoints, in turn tracking their tours, capturing high-quality security data and providing accurate performance and accountability measures to managers. Like barcode scanning, which is also available for the Guard Tour system, RFID badges can be configured to prompt security officers into extra actions, such as checking whether a door is secured or recording the temperature of a cold-storage unit. The D3 Guard Tour system also logs every possible metric, including automatic time stamps, location data, checkpoint completion and more.

Depending on the customer’s needs and the type of site they need to patrol, RFID badges can be a significant improvement over barcodes. For example, RFID badges withstand inclement weather better and they are impossible to reproduce. This translates into a more durable option for companies whose checkpoints are outside or in high-traffic areas where barcodes can sometimes be damaged.

Perhaps most importantly, the addition of RFID compatibility to the D3 Mobile device range allows companies who already use RFID badges to continue to do so. Upgrading to D3 Mobile – the mobile incident reporting and guard tour app for iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows Mobile devices – is fast and easy, with dedicated support available from the D3 team to assist during deployment and configuration. Plus, as mentioned, you don’t even have to get rid of your existing RFID badges and checkpoints.

On the topic of RFID and specific devices, here is some interesting background information: Windows Mobile and Android have built-in RFID capability, thanks to a technology called near-field communication (NFC). Samsung, Google and Microsoft—plus other Android-based manufacturers—have built this technology into their phones primarily for completing mobile payments in a B2C scenario. Apple iOS, however, has taken a different approach and does not include NFC (and therefore RFID) in its smart devices. The reason is simply that Apple prefers to route mobile purchases through their App Store, iTunes and iBooks retail sites. To achieve RFID compatibility with the iOS device range, D3 supplies a small attachment that connects to the phone, enabling NFC and facilitating the transfer of data from RFID badges to the iOS device.

In sum, the addition of RFID capability to the D3 Guard Tour system will allow more companies to upgrade and implement the most advanced mobile incident reporting and guard tour solution on the market. Trusted by hundreds of shopping malls, hospitals, companies and contract security providers, the D3 Guard Tour system makes a positive impact where it matters most: on the ground and in the field. If your organization wants to fully leverage its internal or contract security force, D3 will do just that – and in the process provide valuable accountability and performance metrics so that you know exactly what’s happening in your facilities.

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