Mall Security: Industry- Approved Tour & Incident Management System

D3 is widely used by shopping centers, retail malls and property management companies. Our strong client relationships in this sector have allowed D3 to enlist mall security teams to help us develop, and test, a purpose-built D3 feature set for this industry.

The result is D3 ONE a fully integrated incident management, tour management, dispatching and analysis reporting solution equally capable of serving individual shopping centers, or property management firms who manage nationwide portfolios.

The system is purpose-built to coordinate all aspects of shopping mall security including major incidents and emergencies, theft of all kinds, vehicle break-ins, inspections, training and the presence of responding agencies and incident witnesses.

In addition to its intuitive scheduling and administrative tools, D3’s full-featured analysis toolset empowers security managers with real-time and data-driven vision of security operations—and for larger property management firms, a portfolio-wide picture of risk.


Responding to Major Incidents

D3’s Incident Management module ensures a fast and highly-organized response to major incidents. Incident type, severity, impact, date or location can trigger workflows that deliver actionable intelligence, and/or task assignments, to individuals, teams or third parties.

Responding officers are automatically tracked via the GPS, and self-dispatch features within D3’s mobile app-based security tour system. Managers, SOCs and dispatchers can inform in-the-field officers through push-alerts, real-time dispatches and D3’s two-way communication features.

Day-to- Day Incident Management

Equally important are the documentation and management of “everyday” incidents such as slip-and-falls, alarms, loitering and maintenance issues. D3 captures all of the data needed, and enables officers to easily search for banned persons, outstanding warnings/tickets, and alerts such as gang presence and identifiers (tattoos, clothing, colors, etc.).

D3 also captures all of the data critical for insurance and litigation efforts such as witness statements, signage present, and medical response. Users can also customize incident forms to standardize the intake of site-centric information such as an incident’s proximity to CCTV coverage.


Security Tours & Inspections

Equipped with D3’s Guard tour App (for IOS and Android) an officer can complete tours, checklists and inspections by scanning barcodes, RFID or iBeacon tags. Each scan records time, location and officer ID details, and can prompt additional activities such as a fire extinguisher or door-lock inspection, which is also recorded in D3.

D3’s Guard Tour system is also an administrative powerhouse with intuitive scheduling interfaces, drag-and-drop features, shift templates and performance analysis. Reports for cost-analysis, checkpoint completion, response times and more are pre-built and can easily be modified, saved, exported and shared.

Analysis & Reporting

D3’s Analytics tools can generate reports from any field in the system, including custom fields. Trend reports, coverage/route maps, incident heat maps, and D3’s library of pre-configured reports help shopping mall security teams discover the root cause of incidents, the efficacy of security response, and how corrective action can be, efficiently, achieved.

D3’s library of pre-configured reports includes solutions for response-time trends, risk assessments, detailed theft analysis, patron-assists, personal injuries, traffic incidents, item tracking, and more.

Some examples that are popular with current D3 customers include:

  • Yearly: Major Incident Analysis (and Emergency Plan update)
  • Monthly: Escalator/Elevator Issue Log (and Downtime Tracking)
  • Bi-weekly: Banned Person Summary
  • Weekly: Slip-and-Fall Incident Summary
  • Trending: Theft Incident/Time of Day/Location

Take the Next Steps

In addition to these analysis reports, security tour templates, incident forms and dispatching features, D3 offers unmatched flexibility to customers with unique needs. Many customers start off with D3’s turn-key industry templates, and gradually customize their system by working with their dedicated D3 Customer Success Manager.  The results speak for themselves: lower incident rates, faster response times, stronger data for insurance and litigation purposes, and standardized site metrics for property management firms with multiple locations.

Want to learn more about how D3 can work for your shopping center or property management organization?

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