Join D3 at Level Up: Black Hat USA’s Premier Event

After a year-and-a-half of virtual events, we could not be more excited to get back to in-person conferences. The timing is perfect for D3, because we have a lot to tell our cybersecurity colleagues about, including NextGen SOAR: a complete overhaul of our SOAR platform.

Our first event of the year is a fun one. We’re one of the hosts of the Level Up Reception, the hottest ticket at Black Hat USA 2021. It’s happening on Wednesday, August 4th, at 8:00 PM. Level Up offers some of the best views in Vegas, happening in the Skyfall Lounge on the 64th floor of the Delano Hotel.

At the event, you can enjoy some custom cocktails while competing against your colleagues in more than 200 classic arcade games. Registrants have a chance to take the games home too, with a draw for the ultimate retro game systems: a raspberry pi with two SNES controllers loaded with hundreds of classic games. And of course, there will be tons of swag from D3 and the other companies hosting the event.

Space is limited, so register for the Level Up Reception as soon as possible. Registration is open to all security professionals attending Black Hat USA or one of a few other events. You can learn more and request your invite here.


Brought to you by D3 and ZeroFOX

Level Up is organized by our friends at ZeroFOX. D3 works closely with ZeroFOX to enhance security operations by bringing automation to digital risk protection, cyber threat intelligence, and digital asset management.

The premium, bidirectional integration enables D3 to enrich security events with ZeroFOX threat intelligence, but that’s not all. When faced with a DRP event, ZeroFOX users can trigger investigation and remediation playbooks in D3.

For example, if a brand impersonation event from ZeroFOX is ingested into D3, it will trigger the brand protection playbook. D3 will extract the suspicious URL, check it against threat intelligence, and search for instances of it across corporate email accounts. Based on the results, the incident severity is determined, and actions are triggered in ZeroFOX, such as assigning the alert to a user and adding the alert to an additional threat feed. The analyst can also use a quick-run button in D3 to automate a takedown request for the URL.


D3 NextGen SOAR

D3 is at Black Hat with a lot to promote. We have a new release, NextGen SOAR, just around the corner. NextGen SOAR is a huge step forward for SOAR that solves many common problems and eases pain points that are nearly universal among SOAR users.

We’ve made configuration of playbooks, integrations, and users a single holistic interface. No screen-switching, no backtracking, no wandering around the system looking for what you need. Creating and managing playbooks, even involving new connections and automated actions, is a breeze.

We won’t get too far into the weeds here, but there are tons of other improvements in NextGen SOAR that we’re excited to share at upcoming events.

Don’t forget to request your invite to the Level Up Reception, because space is limited. Once again, the event is happening on Wednesday, August 4th, at 8:00 PM at the Skyfall Lounge in Las Vegas.

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