Hospital Cyber Security: Risk Reduction in 5 Easy Steps

Securing private health information and responding to security breaches have presented incredible challenges to hospitals whose healthcare records yield 10 to 20 times more value on the black market than credit card information. Moreover, the proliferation of BYOD, social media and phishing scams, mergers and acquisitions, rapid digitization of healthcare records—and ever-present human error—help feed a motherlode of risk whose tentacles lurk behind every endpoint, device and employee. Challenged by such broad risk and the current (and foreseeable) talent shortage, IT security and incident response teams must improve coordination, preparation, and access to intelligence, in order to boost their incident response speeds. In the post below, you can learn how D3’s Incident Response Platform (IRP) can help healthcare organizations achieve such goals through SIEM integration and “event filtering”, playbook automation, inter-departmental task management, and analytical processes capable of reporting on any data in the system—from false positives, to forensics.

Cut Through the Tidal Wave of SIEM Data

Workflow and Analysis tools have become critical to security teams overwhelmed by incoming SIEM data. Configurable filters and rules help team members reduce false-positives and identify critical behaviors, enabling faster data analysis and launching response plan workflows. Trend reports, custom analytics and dashboards offer D3 users a valuable layer of analysis capable of linking SIEM events/offenses with incident response data

Be Prepared: Craft the Right IR Playbook

D3’s Incident Response Platform (IRP) gives IR teams a playbook engine with unlimited workflows and flexibility. D3 is cross-departmental meaning that incident responders, the IT team, security executives and legal can all receive actionable information and task assignments. Evolving best practices and threat intelligence can be infused into D3, enabling process refinement and adaptability in times of crisis.

Equip the Privacy and Compliance Team

BYOD, lost unencrypted laptops, phishing attacks—these scenarios can all trigger PHI loss. Privacy Officers can document HIPAA/HITECH violations in D3, perform reporting across jurisdictions and facilities, and get visibility into investigations, link analysis, timelines and projects. Users can build compliance forms and audits, assign and automate tasks, set reminders, and manage a web portal where staff members can report non-compliance incidents.

Respond Faster with an Integrated Toolset

Managing separate best-of-breed solutions just doesn’t work anymore. Sophisticated threats require integrated methods of detection, identification, intelligence, response, and forensics—such as D3. Leading SIEM and Threat Intelligence products are integrated with D3’s Cyber Incident Response Platform, which itself is integrated with D3’s I.T. Forensics Case Management System. The result is a fully integrated, fast-acting security ecosystem that can be easily scaled, while reducing infrastructure and access control risk.

Choose a Partner Who Understands the Stakes

Because D3 works with so many healthcare organizations, we understand how incredibly high the stakes are for you. We know that the IT security talent shortage puts immense pressure on your team; that CISOs can face personal legal exposure; and that an altered health record can cause a patient’s injury or death. Healthcare is a serious business and we are wholly dedicated to your success using our software, the security of your data and safety of your patients.

Take the Next Step

Can D3 help your organization? We certainly think so! Our configurable Incident Response Platform and I.T. Forensics Case Management System are fully integrated with leading SIEM and Threat Intelligence products. Implementation and ongoing process refinements are handled by D3’s in-house cybersecurity experts whose customers include large healthcare delivery networks, hospitals, outpatient clinics and insurance companies.


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