D3 CONNECTED Global Sales Channel and Partner Program Demonstrates Significant Growth in Q2 2019

VANCOUVER, British Columbia–D3 Security, an innovator in security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) technology, today announced that their CONNECTED Global Sales Channel and Partner Program has experienced significant growth since its inception in October of last year. Coming off consecutive record-breaking quarters, D3 Security provides customers with the most comprehensive, award-winning SOAR, incident response and case management solutions on the market. Recognizing the opportunities of the emerging Middle Eastern market, D3 Security has most recently partnered with Vistas Global of Qatar and 2B Innovations of the United Arab Emirates.

Empowering global organizations in the fight against advanced persistent threats and sophisticated adversaries is imperative in today’s threat landscape; therefore, SOAR technology must evolve beyond the linear process of ingesting alerts and automating simple response actions. Recognizing this, D3 Security recently released ATTACKBOT, a unique solution that utilizes the MITRE ATT&CK framework to identify and address the entire kill chain of complex attacks. The company’s ability to adapt to the threat landscape is attractive to a vast set of partners and is one of the major drivers that makes D3 SOAR stand out in the market.

“Now more than ever, organizations, regardless of industry or region, need to automate their security operations and engage in data-driven decision-making,” said Anna Golod, Director of Global Channel Partnerships at D3 Security. “We are thrilled to continue building important relationships in this emerging market and beyond, bringing them an advanced SOAR solution and broadening D3’s reach around the world.”

“By joining forces with D3 Security, we are now able to empower our customers to manage every alert that enters their network while drastically reducing incident response times through D3’s unique integration with the MITRE ATT&CK framework,” said Manoj Chandran, Practice Manager, Cyber Security & Assurance, Vistas Global Qatar.

“With the complexity of today’s security incidents, organizations need tools that can seamlessly coordinate the people, technology, and processes that make up their security infrastructure,” added Suraj Thampi, CEO, Vistas Global Qatar. “We are confident that D3 Security will bring this advantage to the forefront of our client’s security procedures.”

As a growing market, the Middle East faces increasing cyber threats, especially in verticals that are crucial for their economies like utilities, banking, and government. Saudi Arabia in particular has experienced some of the world’s biggest cyberattacks over the last year, prompting the nation to establish “major digitalization initiatives” in hopes to protect its critical sectors. In fact, “compared with their peers, Middle Eastern leaders ranked fears around cyber threats higher, at 54 percent, than anywhere else,” according to an international 2018 PwC study.

“We are excited to give our customers in MEA and Asia a truly full-lifecycle SOAR solution, with capabilities that extend far beyond cyber security and a great value-added financial model with zero capex and a conservative OPEX,” said Amanjeet Singh, Managing Director at 2B Innovations.

Dildeep Singh, Director of Cyber Security at 2B Innovations, added, “When you add the fact that this solution has the MITRE ATT&CK framework built in, this gives us and our customers the best possible chance to disrupt cyber-attacks and data breaches before they do damage, which is a huge advantage we have not had before, basically our framework gives granular control over security operations architecture: Tweak your modelling, machine learning, orchestration, enrichment, correlation, aggregation, visualization and automated response strategies.”

D3 Security will work closely with these partners over the next year to help reconcile the challenges in the region. For more updates and information related to D3’s CONNECTED Global Sales Channel and Partner Program, please visit: https://d3security.com/partner/.

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D3 Security provides security orchestration, automation, response (SOAR) and case management solutions that are trusted by leading organizations around the world, including 100+ of the Fortune 500. Security operations and incident response teams depend on D3 SOAR to increase the speed and quality of investigations, automate incident response workflows, rapidly identify false positives, and dramatically reduce mean-time-to-respond (MTTR). D3 SOAR offers 400+ integrations and actions, including fully automated MITRE ATT&CK Kill Chain Surveillance that can analyze adversarial intent and predict malicious behavior by correlating security events with the world’s largest knowledgebase of cyber attack techniques and tactics. For more information, please visit https://d3security.com.

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