Response and Compliance Orchestration

Plan, demonstrate and orchestrate incident and compliance procedures

D3 Security transforms incident and data breach response by replacing email, spreadsheets and ineffective systems with a library of proven IR playbooks that guide stakeholders to efficient and conclusive resolutions. A library of IR playbooks based on the NIST 800-61 Incident Handling Guide empower organizations with proven response procedures that can be cloned, tailored and edited with ease, in order to adapt to new requirements, lessons learned or zero day threats. Custom playbooks and compliance workflows can also be built into the system, therein building upon the turn-key legal endorsement, compliance, and regulatory reporting solutions which include HIPAA, PCI DSS, “Cyber SAR”, and NERC CIP.

Your Challenges

Standardized Processes

D3’s playbook library provides an action plan for each incident type based on proven or custom methodologies

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance and legal or HR procedures can be built into IR playbooks or dedicated workflows

Managerial Oversight

D3 empowers leaders with seamless oversight through role privileges, alerts, dashboards and thresholds

Need to Adapt

Being secure means being adaptable—and only D3 allows users to create forms and processes on the fly

Continuous Improvement

Use D3’s analytics, trend reports and KPIs to identify problem areas and drive response time reductions

How You Benefit From Our Software

incident response software

An action plan for every incident

D3 provides a library of proven playbooks based on the NIST 800-61 Incident Handling Guide. Plus, you can build or upload other incident management methodologies or custom playbooks with ease.

Streamlined legal and compliance procedures

Breach response often requires legal, HR or compliance involvement. With D3, organizations can streamline legal and HR endorsement, and compliance reporting including for HIPAA, PCI DSS, SAR or NERC.

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Task orchestration across the enterprise

D3 ensures fast response by automating and orchestrating procedures across global stakeholder groups that include information and cyber security, IT, forensics, legal, HR, PR and executive groups.

Quickly build new processes

Organizations value D3’s flexibility because it allows them to capture new threat data, analyze it, and begin the remediation process. In mere minutes you can create a structured response process for zero day attacks.

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incident response software

Performance metrics and timelines

Proper IR processes produce extensive metrics across incident response times, incident categories, responder groups, and NIST processing stages. Find and rectify bottlenecks using D3’s benchmarking, alerts and timeline features.