Enterprise-Wide Vision of Risk

Enterprise-Wide Vision Across Incidents, Investigations and Third Party Systems

D3 Security offers a cohesive incident management hub that allows your team to centralize alerts from source systems, analyze and prioritize data from local and global threat intelligence, and respond using procedures designed to ensure conclusive resolutions. The result is a single ecosystem that minimizes the effect of false positives while automatically gathering and applying threat intelligence to relevant incident records.

Address These Challenges

False Positives

Replace manual incident logging with streamlined and automated SIEM escalations

Disparate Systems

D3’s knowledgebase eliminates the need for manual correlations and search

Information Sharing

A full-lifecycle IR platform enables holistic, end-to-end analysis reporting

Consistent Procedures

Unlike other IR products, D3 has a comprehensive evidence and case management system.

Cost and Complexity

Disparate systems require more time from human resources—whereas D3 requires less.

How You Benefit From Our Software

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Reduce the impact of false positives

Security technologies generate too many alerts, and many are false positives. D3 helps your team focus on the threats that matter by streamlining alert escalations and automating  validation procedures.

Unified incident management workflow

D3’s turn-key connectors and integration hub extend the incident management workflow to any information source, eliminating procedural and reporting silos and creating a seamless IR process.

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Easy information sharing and search

Search, collaboration and correlation times are reduced because D3 provides a single comprehensive knowledgebase that powers D3’s modules and extends its reach to the data of third party systems.

Apply consistent and repeatable procedures

Standardized procedures are an important benefit of D3. The system’s playbooks and workflows ensure that tasks, evidence gathering, data retention and compliance are carried out properly—and can be reviewed or audited.

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Unmatched vision across an integrated platform

D3 empowers team leaders and executives with an enterprise-wide vision of risk across source systems, incidents, investigations, forensics, local and global threat intelligence, and more.