Determine Root Cause and Apply Corrective Action

A Single Tool to Determine the Root Cause and Corrective Action of Any Security Threat

Responding to incidents over and over again doesn’t make sense. To truly remediate, you need to resolve an incident and make sure it will not happen again. With D3 Security you can perform root cause analysis, assign corrective actions, and generate lists of assets upon which to apply your findings. The results are long lasting, conclusive incident resolutions that methodically strengthen your organization’s security by eliminating the financial and human costs of recurring incidents.

Address These Challenges

Recurring Incidents

Eliminate recurring incidents and save valuable resources by addressing their root cause

Rising Volume

Reduce overall incident volume by methodically applying corrective actions through D3

Proactive Analytics

Embrace proactive IR through actionable analytics like root cause trending and pattern projections

Incomplete Documentation

Root cause and corrective action closes the event lifecycle—and documents your full remediation

IR Program ROI

Demonstrate IR program ROI by calculating loss elimination through root cause analysis

How You Benefit From Our Software

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Eliminate threats at their root cause

D3’s integrated incident response and forensics case management workflow guides responders to the proactive defense of their organization through root cause analysis and corrective action assignment.

Reduce incident volume by up to 90%

Transformational incident volume reductions can be achieved when IR teams address the root cause, rather than the symptoms, of incidents. Key benefits include reduced risk and increased availability of IR resources.

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Actionable analytics (not just numbers!)

D3’s trend reporting toolset is used to create root cause trend reports that are designed to guide risk mitigation efforts to high impact corrective actions that span across incident types.

Understand the full sequence of events

A powerful timeline analysis tool and two way integration with third party security systems allows D3 users to understand the full sequence of an event, and quickly zero in on relevant data.

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Demonstrate ROI through root cause analysis

Root cause analysis allows the IR program to demonstrate continuous improvement trends, and enables valuable loss elimination calculations. Reduced incident volume can also be shown to decrease overall response time.