SOAR for Security Operations (SecOps)

Streamline and Supercharge Your Security Operations

Leverage the power of your entire security stack, minimize manual tasks, and accelerate incident response—all from a single interface. XGEN SOAR keeps your team focused on the threats that matter, not on repetitive tasks.


Next-Gen SOAR Security Operations

Security leaders know that the old ways of doing things can’t keep pace with today’s threats. XGEN SOAR gives you the tools you need for your SecOps to evolve.

Low-Code Playbooks

Create, test, and update workflows without any Python coding, all from an intuitive, visual playbook editor.

Investigate and Collaborate

See complex investigations through to conclusive resolution by drilling down on data, building out connections between events, and looping in colleagues or other departments.

Monitor and Hunt for Threats

Proactively search for threats in your environment based on IOCs or MITRE ATT&CK TTPs, placing suspicious indicators under surveillance and triggering Tier 3 playbooks when active threats are found

Real-Time Intelligence

Track threats through aggregated intelligence feeds, alerts from the field, and facility-level geospatial tracking.

Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Replace the deluge of undifferentiated alerts from dozens of tools with high-fidelity incidents that are easily assessed or even auto-closed. With XGEN SOAR, you can cut down time spent on alert handling by 90% or more.

Enable Actionable Security Metrics

With XGEN SOAR as your security operations hub, you can produce comprehensive metrics and reports that provide visibility across your environment. Spend less time gathering information from impenetrable data silos and more time using valuable data to optimize your SOC.

Eliminate Manual Enrichment

You didn’t hire that expert analyst so they could spend most of their day copying and pasting IOCs into threat intelligence platforms. XGEN SOAR automates enrichment of alerts with threat intelligence from integrated platforms, TTP and IOC correlations, and historical security data.

Enable Faster Response (With Lower Risk)

With automation-powered playbooks that orchestrate across 360+ tools, XGEN SOAR empowers you to respond at machine speeds, without sacrificing any analyst control. Human input is required for important decision points, but automation takes care of repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Eliminate Time Spent on Tier 1 Tasks

Tier 1 tasks take a ton of time, burn out analysts, and aren’t a good use of your analysts’ skills. XGEN SOAR can automate away the majority of Tier 1 tasks—and some Tier 2 and 3 tasks as well—allowing your team to do more with the resources they have, such as proactive activities like threat hunting.

Enable a Full View of Cyber Threats

Alerts without context don’t tell you much about the threats you’re facing. XGEN SOAR enriches and consolidates alerts into “smart” incidents that comprise all the relevant information and IOCs. Correlation of TTPs across the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix place incidents in the context of a kill chain, allowing you to anticipate what your adversaries might do next.