Security Automation & Orchestration

Streamline Your Security Operations with Our Orchestration & Automation Platform

Security Automation and Incident Response Orchestration

With the complexity of today’s security incidents, organizations need tools that can seamlessly coordinate the people, technology, and processes that make up their security infrastructure. Equipped with the D3 Security Orchestration and Automation Platform, security teams can manage every alert while drastically reducing incident response times. Identifying a threat, assigning tasks, gathering intelligence, and taking action used to take hours—but D3 automates it all, by enriching workflows with contextual intelligence and empowering your team with full control, at enhanced speeds.

D3 Key Features

D3 is the only truly full-lifecycle security orchestration, automation, and response platform on the market. D3 has all the orchestration capabilities you need for rapid detection and remediation of security threats, but while other solutions might stop there, D3 is just getting started, with case management, forensics, and analytics capabilities that empower you to truly address vulnerabilities—instead of just treating the symptoms.


Automated Intelligence Gathering

Every incident is enriched with data from SIEM, threat intelligence platforms, and more, so that you can instantly separate real threats from false positives.

Playbook Engine

Turnkey playbook library designed to NIST, SANS, and other industry standards, with full customization capabilities to meet your unique requirements.

Visual Playbook Editor

Visualize and dynamically edit your workflows during preparation or response, including the ability to “drag and drop” automation sequences at any point in the playbook, even on the fly.

Data Profiling

Leverage historical data to understand patterns and make decisions, using an entities database, visual link analysis tool, and incident timelines.

Messaging Platform

Communicate with other users and groups, chat within an incident report, and leave updates for other analysts, all securely within the platform and retained as part of the incident record.

Case Management

Go beyond triage with the deepest case management features on the market, including fully guided investigations and the ability to bring groups of related incidents together for collaborative analysis.

Collaboration Beyond the SOC

Bring in Legal, HR, senior management, and other groups without compromising data security and privacy, via granular access controls and custom dashboards.

Metrics and Reporting

Generate custom or turnkey reports on virtually any field in the system, and use D3’s presentation layer to create easily understandable visual representations of response speed, incident volumes, employee performance, and more.


Manage forensics tasks— such as collecting and scraping hard drives—send assignments, receive automated deadline notifications, log results and more.


Streamline compliance with turnkey playbooks and reporting for common regulatory requirements, including Cyber SAR, HIPAA data breach reports, and NERC risk assessments.

How You Benefit From Our Software

Integrate Data Sources and Automate Playbooks

D3 integrates with your security stack to enable a powerful incident response hub. Playbooks offer repeatable incident-handling procedures and efficient workflows, while bi-directional SIEM integration, dynamic task orchestration, and security automation speed all phases of the incident management lifecycle.

Automatically Gather Contextual Information

The D3 Automation and Orchestration Platform automatically enriches incidents with contextual data from domain, reputation, malware, endpoint, and threat intelligence. Incidents are triaged rapidly and have associated risk scoring, which forces serious events to flow up to Level II and III analysts, while likely false positives are handled via automation or are sent to the bottom of the queue.

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Full or Partial Automation – It’s Up To You

D3 is the only fully configurable platform on the market, and our automation controls are no exception. D3 offers full automation, which allows D3 to close ports, kill processes, and block malicious IPs, files, or users. Human-guided, or partial, automation is also supported, placing a human supervisor in the loop to approve some, or all, automation actions.