HR Investigations

Report, Track and Manage Enterprise Human Resources Issues and Investigations

Report, Track and Manage Enterprise HR Issues and Investigations

D3 Security’s Human Resources issue and investigation management software empowers organizations with an enterprise-grade solution for managing day-to-day HR activities, investigations, and policy and procedure infractions. The system is designed to meet the needs of a diverse user base. Best practices, configurable templates and an intuitive profiling engine help guide investigative activity and collaboration, while granular trending and analysis toolsets help senior practitioners to deliver findings consistently and in a legally defensible process.

Manage Issues, Infractions and Investigations in One Place

Document and track infractions

Ensure consistent documentation, tracking and response to day-to-day infractions like lateness or performance, in one cohesive platform.


Handle grievances consistently

Employees can use D3 to submit grievances to a secure management portal for review and response by designated HR personnel.


Identify and investigate misconduct

D3’s incident forms capture key details of employee misconduct and empower investigators with high quality information, timelines and context.


Investigate workplace harassment

Organizations rely on D3 to report, track and investigate reports of harassment, whether physical, verbal or sexual in nature.


How You Benefit From Our Software

Centralized investigative platform for HR

D3’s HR investigation software provides an end-to-end solution for managing reports, establishing patterns and conducting high quality investigations that involve HR. Searching, correlating and investigation is made easy through D3’s centralized profiling engine and integration with all leading HR databases.

Tailored to Your Policies and Procedures

The D3 platform is a turnkey solution with robust configuration ability. Organizations have granular control over forms, workflows, reports and information access controls. The result is an HR investigation solution that saves time and money by aligning with your unique policies and procedures.

Playbooks, best practices and templates

The growing responsibilities and workload of enterprise Human Resources teams require software solutions that streamline tasks and guide less experienced investigators. D3’s Playbook feature is designed to guide investigators through tasks—such as setting up an interview or correctly documenting evidence—so that each step is done in compliance with organizational policies and applicable regulations or laws.

Easy collaboration and engagement

Grievances, incident submissions and investigations often require additional information from a variety of internal and external sources. D3’s collaboration features allow users to easily coordinate across departments and teams. In addition, users can gather information securely from external sources, such as for interviews and witness statements, without relying on insecure communication or documentation formats.

Powerful Features for Managers and Executives

  • Centralized case data enables easy information sharing
  • Restrict access to information using extensive role privileges
  • Manage dates and milestones; generate exception alerts
  • Schedule automatic updates and transparency reports
  • Track and report expenses, labor and tool usage
  • Analyze and compare caseloads and team member performance
  • Ensure compliance with procedures and regulations
  • Make sure resources are deployed with maximum efficiency