Fraud Management

Streamline Fraud Detection, Prevention and Investigation

Organize, analyze and validate fraud reports with a proven fraud investigation solution

D3 Security’s fraud management solution makes it easy for organizations to manage reports of fraud, analyze patterns and trends, and zero in on the truth. Included are a secure reporting and validation environment, plus a tailored workflow solution that streamlines incident management, stakeholder collaboration, relationship analysis, and fraud case management.

A Holistic Approach to Fraud Investigation

Enable fraud reporting

Intake, manage and link reports from across your organization and stakeholder groups with D3’s incident reporting and eAlert.


Centralize fraud information

Centralize data from incident reports, anonymous submissions, source systems, evidence and evidence of any file type; easily correlate against D3’s knowledgebase.


Enable procedures-based workflow

Ensure procedures, transparency and recordkeeping are compliant with best practices, legal/HR involvement, and regulatory compliance requirements.


Manage patterns, trends and threats

Use D3’s built-in investigative link analysis and extensive trend reporting to identify and explore data and drive sucessful fraud examinations.


How You Benefit From Our Software

incident report software

A unified vision for fraud examiners

D3 Security supports proactive and reactive activities by bringing together information from incident reports, security staff, witness statements, surveillance media and access control systems in a single pane. Users can add virtually any data or file type with D3’s Connector Hub, through API integration and batch uploads.

Track cases, tasks, evidence and collaboration

With D3 Security you have the power to manage global fraud investigations, complete with a full workflow solution that supports cases from start to finish, including task generation and assignment, supervisory and legal endorsements, evidence and custody logging, as well as secure collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

fraud management
fraud management

Establish and explore patterns and trends

Industry-leading business intelligence tools empower D3 Security users with the ability to create dashboards and explore data relationships—without needing IT. Easing trend reporting, entity profiling, and visual link analysis with D3’s easy to use intelligence layer guides investigators to more accurate and faster findings.

Enterprise-grade reporting and summaries

A true enterprise-grade fraud management solution, D3 Security can scale and adapt to new or complex requirements, including for reporting. The system’s ability to report and trend on any field empowers users with immediate and granular insights, in addition to branded exports, disclosure and summary formats for senior management, legal and law enforcement.

fraud management

Powerful Features for Managers and Executives

  • Centralized case data enables easy information sharing
  • Restrict access to information using extensive role privileges
  • Manage dates and milestones; generate exception alerts
  • Schedule automatic updates and transparency reports
  • Track and report expenses, labor and tool usage
  • Analyze and compare caseloads and team member performance
  • Ensure compliance with procedures and regulations
  • Make sure resources are deployed with maximum efficiency