This MSSP Is on Track to Double Its Revenue in One Year

It unlocked savings of over $1 million with strategic use of automation

MSSP Using D3 Chronos

From $1.2 Million to $1.9 Million in Five Months After Implementation

This MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) is on track to double its revenue in a year after deploying D3 Chronos

The MSSP is now on track to double its revenue within one year of implementing D3 Chronos.

MSSP Using D3 Chronos

Reduced Alert-Handling by More Than 90%

Slice SOC alert handling time by up to 92% with D3 Chronos

The MSSP has reduced time spent on alert triage and enrichment by 92%.

MSSP Using D3 Chronos

Improved Customer-to-Analyst Ratio

D3 Chronos has helped this MSSP double its client base while adding just one SOC analyst.

The MSSP is on track to double their client base while adding just one additional analyst.

Take Your MSSP to the Next Level

Cut Down Triage Time to Seconds

  • Execute 15 minutes worth of tasks in just seven seconds with the event-level playbook.
  • Automate event correlation, global list checks, OSINT analysis, and more.
  • If you're processing 200 events per day, you could be saving more than $500,000 per year in analyst salaries.
Complex Workflow

Reduce Investigation Times from 45 minutes to 5 minutes

  • Any escalated events can be automatically enriched and analyzed in seconds.
  • Even factoring in five minutes for an analyst to review the results, that's a reduction of almost 90%.
  • If 20 events per day get escalated, you could save almost $200,000 per year in analyst salaries.
D3 Chronos helps reduce cybersecurity threat investigation time by a factor of 9.

Start Seeing Results Within Two Weeks

  • Busy MSSPs don't have time to waste on POCs and lengthy implementations.
  • Get up and running on D3 Chronos in days and see ROI within two weeks.
D3 Chronos: Shorten response times and see ROI in a matter of weeks.

Optimize Your Customer-to-Analyst Ratio

  • It's hard to hire skilled analysts, so the key to your growth is getting the most out of the team you have.
  • By reducing alert-handling time by 90%, you can add more clients without adding headcount.
D3 Chronos helps managed cyber security service providers grow their business and increase their market share without adding headcount.

Flexible Payment Plan

We’ll tailor your payment plan to the needs of your budget and revenue cycle, reducing risk and keeping your capital expenditures to a minimum.
Provide high-margin services with NextGen SOAR

Automated Client Notifications and Reports

Get customized incident reports automatically available for you and your clients.
Easily connect to 500+ security tools via codeless integrations.

Automatic SLA Monitoring

Adhere to SLA deadlines by automatically tracking the time spent at each stage.
Flexibile deployment options with D3's NextGen SOAR

Effortless Multi-tenancy

Centralize operations while ensuring that each client's data and workflows are properly segregated.
Streamline your workflows with NextGen SOAR
Teamwork in Cyber

"The business outcomes are the best part. We have a more profitable, focused and growing business in large part because we selected D3 Chronos."


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between D3 Chronos and NextGen SOAR?

NextGen SOAR is our full-scale SOAR platform, built for the needs of enterprises and large MSSPs. D3 Chronos is the same technology, but delivered in a streamlined package to reduce implementation time, lower costs, and provide capabilities specific to the needs of small-to-mid-sized MSSPs.

Does D3 Chronos have all the features of NextGen SOAR?

D3 Chronos comes with a simplified feature set out of the box, with the same underlying technology of NextGen SOAR. D3 Chronos comes with two global playbooks for events and incidents, as opposed to NextGen SOAR's playbook library. Additional features can be added to D3 Chronos over time, as we support your company's growth.

Is NextGen SOAR or D3 Chronos the right choice for me?

D3 Chronos is intended for small or mid-sized MSSPs who want to implement automation strategically to enable growth and better profit margins. Large MSSPs will likely get the most benefit out of NextGen SOAR's comprehensive feature set. The best way to find out which solution is right for you is to contact us and schedule a demo.

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