Case Management

A Purpose-Built Case Management Solution for Digital Forensics in the Enterprise

Support Efficient and Disciplined Digital Forensics and eDiscovery Investigations

D3 Security’s case management software for digital forensics, eDiscovery and I.T. investigations provides a configurable workflow solution for managing case requests and investigative assignments, case work and collaboration, as well as physical evidence tracking. Custom and turn-key analysis tools can report on all of the forensic processing and case management data—across individual or multiple cases—in order to support managerial oversight, broad summaries, trend reporting or granular analytics.

Manage Your Entire Case in One Place

Create new cases

Quickly and easily create new cases and consolidate submissions, case information and evidence into one cohesive file.


Manage multiple investigations

A structured, repeatable process helps investigators manage multiple investigations and fully leverage D3’s workflow and task prioritization tools.


Analyze investigation data

Analyze and report on any data in the system, including information related to incidents, tasks, evidence, trends, relationships and summaries.


Find what you’re looking for

D3’s keyword search, powerful filtering, and duplication-detection tooslets are designed to help investigators find information quickly and easily.


How You Benefit From Our Software

Simplify case and custodian submissions

D3 Security greatly simplifies the case request process by providing a configurable submission portal and review environment that prompts alerts and faster response. Requestors can upload custodian lists and provide additional information through a secure collaboration extension.

Manage tasks, deadlines and processes

A mix of spreadsheets, email and homegrown solutions have not met the task management needs of digital forensics investigators. So, together we designed a flexible, end-to-end task and procedural workflow, with inbuilt deadline and SLA tracking, timeline widgets, and priority-based color coding, filters and alerts.

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Track evidence, access and custody

D3 Security’s evidence management features track all of the digital and physical evidence, logs user activities such as file views and changes, and generates full chain-of-custody tracking. Capabilities include eDiscovery and HR/legal endorsement, native barcode generation/tracking of physical exhibits, and the ability to apply notes and communication logs to evidence.

Leverage turn-key and custom reporting tools

D3 Security’s team worked closely with senior investigators to build a library of valuable reports used at the world’s largest enterprise forensics teams. Templates include collection and processing summaries, priority and status reports, hours worked/cost savings calculations, KPIs and many more. Users can also create their own reports using powerful search, filter and correlation tools.