What You'll Learn

D3 Security and Securosis Present: SOAR to Security Automation Quick Wins (and Measure the SecOps ROI)

There isn’t enough time or skilled resources to stay on top of all your security operations responsibilities. You can’t work harder, so you’ll need to work smarter. That means embracing Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technology as a means to make your team more efficient and effective.

But where do you start? Do you have to blow up your existing operational processes to use a SOAR tool? How can you select the best tool for YOUR environment? How easy is it to integrate the tool with your existing controls? Are you saving money? As you can see, there are many questions to answer for those looking at security automation.

In this webcast, Securosis president and analyst Mike Rothman and D3 director of cyber security Stan Engelbrecht will give you a wealth of tips for how to select, deploy and operate SOAR, so that you can keep pace with the attacks on your environment. You’ll learn:

  • Unfiltered SOAR platform selection criteria from Securosis president and analyst Mike Rothman
  • Security automation use cases that provide a quick win without losing sight of long-term value
  • Product and service integrations that automate IR and yield the most SecOps impact
  • How to substantiate the ROI of your SOAR investment through time and cost tracking

The webcast will be focused on providing knowledge you can use RIGHT NOW, including use case “blueprints” and business outcomes from real-world SOAR implementations.

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