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Automatically Integrate Advanced Malware Analysis into Response Workflows

D3’s integration with Lastline brings powerful, AI-based malware analysis, risk scoring, detonation, and threat intelligence into D3’s incident response workflows. Joint users benefit from connecting Lastline’s Deep Content Inspection environment to D3’s kill-chain playbooks and automation across 200+ security tools. As a Lastline Technology Alliance Partner, D3 works closely with Lastline to ensure feature-rich integrations that are always evolving. Download This Solution Guide to Learn:

  • How integrating with Lastline allows for seamless investigation of phishing incidents through D3
  • How D3 enriches alerts with data from Lastline’s analysis
  • How D3 incorporates MITRE ATT&CK techniques and tactics to further contextualize Lastline analysis
  • Why Lastline’s malware analysis is especially valuable for sophisticated attacks

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