What You'll Learn

Collaborate Across IT and SOC Teams with Bidirectional Ticket Escalation
SOAR and ITSM are both systems that intake alerts and assign them for handling, but beyond that simple function, they diverge greatly. Organizations that use both are likely to struggle with redundancies, information silos, and needlessly complicated workflows. D3’s integrations with Jira Service Desk enable SOC and IT teams to leverage both solutions for collaboration, escalation, and orchestration of important security tasks. Download This Solution Guide to Learn:

  • How Jira users can escalate tickets to D3 for advanced, automation-powered investigation
  • How D3 users can populate Jira fields from the D3 interface
  • Why integrating your SOAR and ITSM streamlines tasks across teams
  • How D3 monitors Jira tickets for updates and brings them into D3

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