Key Findings from Five Major Cybersecurity Reports

Key Findings from Five Major Cybersecurity Reports

Leading companies, with the help of innovative solution providers, have begun using security automation and orchestration to consolidate, prioritize, and automate incident response tasks. As you might expect, automation and orchestration have become the subject of a great deal of research and analysis.

For this piece, we read through five major cybersecurity reports and pulled out key findings from their data. These reports leverage the real-world experience of cybersecurity professionals to provide insight into the problems that organizations must overcome in order to remain secure.

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  • The shockingly high amount of alerts that most SOCs are unable to investigate
  • The important security technologies that are still widely underused
  • The steps needed to properly gather incident data and make programmatic improvements
  • How automation and orchestration can solve many of the problems cybersecurity teams are facing