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Rapidly Analyze and Combat Threats Across the Ecosystem

D3’s App for FireEye allows you to streamline SecOps and IR workflows, reduce manual coordination, and augment the power of your existing tools. With D3 acting as a hub for endpoint, network, and email security alerts, all potential incidents can be enriched with threat intelligence, run through D3’s MITRE ATT&CK discovery process, and remediated at machine speeds. Download this Solution Guide to Learn:

  • The full range of integrations between D3 and FireEye products
  • How clients can use FireEye Malware Analysis to assess potential phishing incidents flagged by D3
  • How D3’s embedded MITRE ATT&CK framework correlates FireEye alerts throughout the kill chain
  • Why D3 is the perfect solution for orchestrating commands across HX Agent, NX, and other FireEye tools

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