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Hear the Firsthand Experience of Hundreds of Security Professionals
Awareness of SOAR has risen exponentially in recent years, and while adoption has been significant, there is still massive room for growth. Because of this wide range of visibility, we wanted to take a snapshot of how SOAR is actually used in the real world, how it is perceived by those who don’t yet use it, and why organizations are turning to SOAR. We spoke to 316 security professionals including InfoSec Managers, Security Analysts, CISOs, and Security Architects. They represent organizations from a number of industries, led by Finance, Banking & Insurance; Government & Public Sector; and High Tech. Download This Report to Learn:

  • How perceptions of SOAR compare to the actual experience of security teams that have implemented it.
  • The pain points that lead organizations to implement SOAR and their levels of success
  • The advice that SOAR users have for those considering purchasing a SOAR platform
  • The technical details of SOAR projects, including tools, scripts, and metrics

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