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Datadog Integration

D3 SOAR now has a certified integration with Datadog APM to help organizations coordinate security operations across cloud environments and applications.

Timeline and Link Analysis

D3 dynamically generates timelines and link analysis, giving analysts a real-time view of critical relationships as the incident response evolves. Users can drill down on entities to reveal layers of context, and store timeline and link analysis graphics as case artifacts.


Evidence Management

As artifacts are stored in D3, the system automatically grabs context from available sources and builds out detailed “entity” profiles, which are then used for correlation, documentation, and reporting. D3 provides detailed audit logs, chains-of-custody, and sign-in/out for both physical and digital evidence.

Data Privacy

D3’s information access controls and data privacy features are the strongest in the industry. Role-based access controls extend control down to the field level, while several levels and methods of encryption are available.

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